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Sun Dried tomatoes production

Fiordelisi is leader in the production of Sun Dreid vegetables and offers the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, showing the flexibility needed to meet the needs of the most demanding clients’ such as foreign stakeholders and large retailers.
If the land could talk, it would tell the story of Fiordelisi, a story which sprouts up in 1954 in the fertile Apulian Plain, also known as the Tavoliere, which has always been famous for its fertility particularly suitable for agriculture.
It would tell the passion and commitment of Antonio Fiordelisi, forefather of the family and founder of the Company, who first dedicated his life to the growing and production of vegetables across the sun-bathed lands.
In 1978 his four sons joined the project, which had already suggested becoming something big. The sunny and mild climate proved to be a fair ally that favored the very first experiments in the production and conservation of dried tomatoes, which are nowadays Fiordelisi top-of-the-range product.
Climate and the natural organoleptic features of the land, particularly suitable for vegetables, contributed to reward the family’s commitment. In 1995 after long research meant to enhance quality while respecting nature and genuineness of raw materials, the first production of semi-dried tomatoes was finalized.

Fiordelisi sun dried tomatoes are produced in Italy and can be recognized for their brilliant and vivid red color and their elongated shape. Their consistency is soft and palatable and evokes the taste of tradition and experience. Used for drying: just the sun and the salt. It is properly the salt that acts as a natural preservative maintaining the vivid color of tomatoes. At the same time, the innovative method of salting employed for this production makes the final product low in salt. With its 100.000 meters square of sun-drying installations, Fiordelisi can attain a productive capacity of over 1.300 tons of sun-dried tomatoes per year.

Oven semi-dried tomatoes have been included in Fiordelisi production as a step forward in the research carried on new methods of processing tomatoes.
Vine tomatoes are employed for this production, being a more suitable variety.
Tomatoes are hand selected, calibrated, cut in slices that are distributed in great continuous conveyor ovens and left to dry out for hours and hours at a not too high temperature. On the one hand, this process preserves the compact pulp, the brilliant red color as well as the natural features of the product; on the other, it intensifies the taste and smell.

Innovation speaks the same language as tradition, from which it draws values and taste. Fiordelisi offers a wide variety of products among which grilled or sun-dried eggplants, zucchini, artichokes, peppers, chili peppers, semi-finished as well as finished products such as savory round peppers filled with tuna or goat cheese, tasty creams, pâtés or olives and appetizing sun-dried vegetables mixes.
This great differentiation is aimed at meeting the various needs and trends of the market.
Vegetables are processed through specific methods and ways of conservation in accordance with their natural properties.