We pay attention to Quality

Fiordelisi considers quality of the utmost importance and monitors the production process from the beginning to the end through an in-house laboratory and external accredited laboratory.

We ensure quality through rigid controls

The production chain undergoes frequent and accurate controls, from raw materials to final products.
Quality means promise and commitment: a promise of authenticity and respect of nature and a commitment in refining and optimizing the process at each step which ensures the highest quality. This double value is proved by the numerous product and process certifications that the Company obtained in the past years.
Our Certifications

The hygienizing process of dried tomatoes

During the production process, the internal step of hygienizing dried tomatoes plays a fundamental role.
This process implies that tomatoes are washed with water mixed with a natural hygienic factor in an ad hoc high temperature washing machine.

The process we created allows lowering the bacterial risks and the salt content that make the product easy to eat. It should be also kept in mind that Fiordelisi produces and transforms around 1.300 tons of tomatoes.

This avoids any kind of shortages when sales are at their highest peak ensuring the same quantity and quality in every moment of the year. Research, quality, quantity, certifications, services. These are the key elements of the Company.