Growing and processing fresh vegetables generate high-quality semi-finished products that the great food industries translate into finished products. Over time, the Company has consolidated its practices of drying, semi-drying that keep all organoleptic features intact

Sun Dried

This range offers sun-dried Vermilion Red tomatoes, sun-dried Vermilion Red cherry tomatoes, sun-dried peppers, sun-dried eggplants.

Manufacturing Sun-Dried range
Manufacturing Sun-Dried range

Frozen Semi Dried

This range offers semi-dried Scarlet Red tomatoes, semi-dried Scarlet Red cherry tomatoes, semi-dried peppers, sliced artichokes, sliced eggplants, sliced zucchini.

Frozen Semi-Dried range
Frozen Semi-Dried range

Semi Dried Tomato

Scarlatto Red Pomodori Semi Dried. Buckets 5 kg.

Scarlatto Red Semi Dried Tomato. Buckets 5 kg.

Empty Cherry Peppers

Empty Cherry Peppers. Buckets 11 kg.

Empty Cherry Peppers in the liquor. Buckets 11 kg.