Quality Certifications

A distinctive trait of the Company is the attention paid to quality.
Fiordelisi monitors continuously the production steps through in-bound verifications meant to evaluate the levels of quality and communication among corporate actors.

The Fiordelisi certifications

Fiordelisi has obtained many important product and process certifications, as far as the organic production too, since it pays close attention to international regulations.
First, the Global Gap bands together the most important European supply chains in order to ensure food safety and environmental respect.
Second, the ISO 9001 norms are universal and protect consumers by attesting that the company operates in compliance with the highest standards in a view of continuous development.
Third, the BRC Global Standard Food certifies that products are obtained in accordance with the highest quality standards.
And fourth, last but not least, the international organization SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) certifies that finished products are supplied and sold in a responsible and ethical way.

Bio and Certifications

Fiordelisi puts great emphasis on the organic and this translates into a line that embodies all values of tradition and love for a healthy life.
In general, the Company tends to prefer methods that do not alter the natural fertility of soil in conventional agriculture. In organic agriculture, this attitude attains its apex. Regulations -which allow the only use of organic materials and productive models that limit the exploitation of natural resources – are followed meticulously.
With the aim of creating environmentally friendly companies, Fiordelisi avoids or reduces the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides; respects the soil, the ecosystem and all living beings; creates a safe product.
The Company’s engagement has been recently certified by Codex that is a guarantee in Italy and abroad.